Philips Videopac G7000

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Many models have been made, mine is a Model G7000/20, with detachable external power supply and detachable controllers which connect via an Atari style connector (9 pins).

Philips videopac g7000.jpg

RF frequency

Channel: C32 Frequency: 556MHz (signal is to low for my automatic tuner to pick it up automatically)

Composite A/V mod

On my flat screen TV the signal from the RF output is not very stable. A solution is to replace the RF output of the G7000 by Composite Video output.

Inside my G7000 are two circuit boards one is the main board and the other is a RF module, which outputs the signal that goes to the TV. This setup is very common in older video game consoles. This is because there are so many TV standards in the world, the only thing that the manufacturer needs to changes for the different systems is the RF module. The two modules are connected by 4 wires. I have removed the RF module and replaced it with a new small circuit board.

G7000 internal 1.jpg

The 4 wires are:

Black  = Audio
Brown  = +5V
Red    = Video
Orange = Ground

As it happens these signals are all we need. The audio signal can be directly connected to an RCA connector. The video signal requires a bit more work, the good news is that the signal is already Composite, however the signal is quite weak and needs to be amplified. This can we done with a simple two transistor circuit as shown below:

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G7000 internal 2.jpg